Middle School digital curriculum that will make a difference.

Standards aligned Math, Science, and Social Studies

Ignite! Learning is for middle school administrators, teachers and parents who are dissatisfied with the impact of existing grade level materials.

We are the leading middle school digital content solution focusing on motivating hard to reach learners and enhancing local standards-based instruction - updated to the latest NGSS guidelines!

Unlike multimedia resources, education resources, and lab-based programs, we target lasting middle school progress with interactive materials designed to current state, local, subject and grade-level priorities integrating existing technology, supporting classroom instruction, and promoting critical thinking.

“The cost of Ignite! compared to student achievement is minimal.
It was an incredible purchase, and it has been wonderful."

  • Shanna Mack-Pippen, Principal
  • Leavitt Middle School, Nevada

“It’ll give them that confidence to continue to strive for excellence,
it makes them more engaged in learning."

  • Karla Jack, Principal
  • Rosenwald Elementary, Louisiana

“When students are working with Ignite!, they're excited and they don't hesitate to participate. It builds their confidence, and makes them want to continue learning."

  • Michaele Lemrow, Principal
  • Kelly Mill Middle School, South Carolina

Sticky Concepts

Because we learn by building conceptual bridges between new information and what we already understand, Ignite! Math emphasizes connections among concepts, making them "stickier" — easier to learn and remember.

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With courses in General Science, Earth Science, Life Science, and Physical Science, Ignite! Science provides instruction for every day of the school year through an innovative combination of print and media that will engage and challenge your students.

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The media library consists of movies, songs, live action, animations, charts, graphs, and interactive pieces to engage students and promote a deeper understanding of key concepts.

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Getting Started with Ignite!

A Quick Overview

Ignite! Learning has over 4,500 pieces of engaging educational multimedia, including music video, animation, and interactive pieces teaching comprehensive math, science, and social studies through an easy-to-use delivery platform for middle school.

Our unique method of frequent and varied assessment includes over 18,000 formative assessment questions directly tied to teachable moments in the media, summative Unit Tests, print material, and authentic assessment in our critical thinking and problem solving skills activities. While our target audience is middle school, we have also had proven effectiveness in elementary school and high school.

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